Your question?

Taking a close look at your situation, using a wide range of technical options, the combination of “several techniques” create more “diverse options“. 
Combining new techniques, might offer you a previous unknown solution or component to fit your installation or fix your “design issue”.

More options available?

Can be answered!

Unfortunately, not all “Questions” can be answered (Yet). However, rather new techniques like 3D design and 3D printing combined, offers you more options then ever before.
3D Printing offers you options the “regular industry” can’t offer. Items can be printed which “normally” can’t be manufactured by conventional methodes.

Tweaking a solution!

By experts

Combining all options and 3D printing techniques solving a problem which seemed unsolvable. Above item, easy to print, almost impossible to manufacture in the same amount of time.

It might not even be possible to manufacture at all !

for your solution

3D printed items are cheap in comparison to injection molding. Building a injection mold requires huge investments. Only large amount of the same item might benefit from injection molding. Prototyping and testing stage of design can solve problems before occurring at mold making . Many printing materials already available.

Easy and fast Prototyping & Manufacturing !

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Don’t stop at
first idea or option

It’s best when 

come together in one solution.

Understanding a problem
is first step in
finding a solution

Not only applying existing solutions
is one of biggest challenges.

Sometimes inventing a new wheel to improve and solve a problem which seemed to be unsolvable.

That can be considered
(R) Evolution

Route solving any “Question”….. just 4 steps!

Creating a solution, which might not exists yet, therein lies strength.
Thinking “existing options” might not lead to (m) any “new solutions“.
Always trying to offer a whole new ” << way outside the box >> ” option. 

first stage

Question Assessment
Mounting Phone BMW 5 

Inventory all options
Several places
Mounting without damage dashboard

Creating basic solution
Several available
Simpel design

Options available?

second stage

Description option(s)
Mounting without damage
Simpel by design

Decision & selection
Multiple option mount,
Easy use, easy removal

Assessment succes
Strength of mount and Dash 


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3D Design & evaluation

FDM Printing model

Printing Tweaked model 

Evaluating model for SLS Printing

Nesting option evaluation
After small tweaks

final product

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Printing single SLS model
Nested designed

Tweaking model
Model simplified
Nesting preffered

Evaluating pricing single item

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Fighting Fire. The REAL & RIGHT way.

Understanding fire and it’s “Drive” helps,
being equipped with our fire Flame Out™ methode.
Every fire needs a best methode fighting it.
And we will explain why you really need Flame Out™.

common sense

Fire and specificly flames are not affected by water at all. Applying LOTs of water, you fight a fire by drowning it.

It will go out eventually, at what cost in terms of collateral damage and personal injuries?

Sometimes the cure seems to be more devastating then the fire itself. 

Surrounding areas also fall victim to the fire.
Unfortunately, they are victim to the fire fighting effords.

So, OLD methode flawed?

Observe situation

Understanding type of fire you’re dealing with is the first step. Not all fires are the same. So why fight them the same…

You need to know:
Is this a core heat fire or only a surface fire.
Core heat >>

Things that will retain heat long time
Surface heat >>

Things that will not retain heat long time.

That’s all for now, and you don’t even have to be sure at this point.

Become effective 

When the first option is not working, just select the other option and you will be in control of the fire… FAST!!

immidiate result

There is no wrong way to fight the fire with our equipment. It is just choosing what is working the best with minimal side damage.  

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The secret .. to YOUR solution

you first need to know, understand and evaluate

Exsisting product?

Something not working?
Not working to your satisfaction?
No idea how to fix it?

This case, Extruder bad design

no product yet

You need something new?
It just doesn’t exist yet?

Redesigned the Hot to Cold zone of this extruder version (Big Builder 3D) 

product prototype

3D printing offers advantages and also disadvantages which needs to be clear during design. It’s possible to print an item which can’t be manufactured by conventional fabrication. Certain problems can be circumvented with 3D Print fabrication.

Final product

When 3D printing is not the solution like in this case.

This Extruder uses Heat to melt PLA. This extruder design was wrong, so heat was melting on the drive sprocket. After redesign this problem was solved perfectly.

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