Fighting fire should be more effective!

For the best
fighting chance

fast result
you need
better equipment

Flame Out™ methode is tested equal to a medium size fire extinguisher.
Methode developed to REALLY fight nature fires by
disrupting all three parts of fire triangle. 


A more effective and safer option!

Flame Out™ fire fighting, a perfect methode which offers a more effective fire fighting option.
Flame Out™ fighting fire is logical and easy use. 
You will understand when we show you the Flame Out™ methode. 

Powder not very effective

Tom Coronel (WTCR / TCR and Dakar) suffered a real nasty turbo fire with his WTCR car which was, finally, extinguished using several powder extinguishers. The powder caused a lot of mess ending up everywhere in the car and engine compartment.

Extinguisher powder is very bad for electronics and metals. That’s something you don’t have to worry about when using the FlameOut methode. 

Flame Out™ is not chemical based and without any negative and only positive environmental impact.  

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Seconds after Extinguishing 

Flame Out™ methode gives controle and confidence fighting fires.

Testing offered fast results fighting this wood burning fire. Even hardwood was no match. Effective and fast WITHOUT the need cooling afterwards 

Tom is handeling charred wood material which was red hot and on fire, just seconds ago. 

It sounds to good to be true, right?

It’s not, that’s how effective Flame Out™ works. 
Do you want to test Flame Out? 
Let us know…

non core heated fire

Flame Out™ fire fighting equipment is special suited for this type of fire. It’s “one of the two modes” at your disposal to fight the fire with the least amount of collateral damage.

Example Materials

~ Electrical fires ~
~ Plastic fire ~
~ Liquid fires ~

core heated fire

Flame Out™ fighting equipment is also suited for this type of fire. It is the “second of the two modes” at your disposal to fight the fire and ALSO fight the core heat problem with very little collateral damage.

Example Materials

~ Wood ~
~ Charcoal ~
~ Hot Liquid fires ~

hard / chemical fires

There are “hard to control” types of fire to which we adapt Flame Out™ methode. Our Flame Out™ methode will have strong positive influence without huge disadvantages of today’s way of fighting these fires. It’s just a matter of understanding the fire..
Adapting Flame Out™ to it.

Example Materials

~ Phosphorus ~
~ Lithium ~
~ Magnesium ~

Let’s prove it works

If the 
methode is fast
and result is 
better then anything 

you know….

Because Flame Out™
is a methode it adapts
to many types of fire.

Forrest and Wildfire

The newest adaptation
“Air- & Spacecraft”

More information soon………..