“For Glasses & Bottle”

 Lifting Bottle
and 6 Glasses 

with one hand

Syro Inventions™ design offers you a way to move a bottle of wine and up to 6 wine glasses in one hand. Arriving at the table with your 6 glasses and one bottle.

Or just decorate every table with a bottle and 2, 4 or 6 glasses, which might motivate your visitors to a conversation. Also, in your restaurant it might motivate your customers to use the offer of your house wine or a selection of other fine wines.

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The ultimate DeLuxe model.

For the best
design & function

combined together

This model consists of 2 different models which form a multi layer click system. These layers are really only made of two models. The top model and the model for all layers under the top layer. The image doesn’t show, but alle layers click together to make one bracket. In theory you can add infinite layers under the top layer. 

So this offers you an option, for smaller glasses, to add a extra fourth layer. For handling eight glasses at once.

The model is generally suited for two, four or six glasses to be moved with one bottle and only one hand to carry them.

Just lift the bottle at it’s neck and your other hand is free for anything else.  

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Example models: Bottle and wine glass options.

Monkey Style

Romantic 2 Glasses

Layer DeLuxe

DoubleDate 4 Glasses

Restaurant / Hotel

Restaurant / Hotel
9 bracket support

© 2015 – 2021 3D Syro Inventions ©
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© 2015 – 2021 3D Syro Inventions ©
4Glasses™ ©